sharei consulting

Global Planning

An integrated solution is the most important goal to minimize risk in your business operations, but it's also the most elusive. At Sharei Consulting we'll help you achieve your operating strategy, by providing turn-key solutions.

Building Your Business

Today's multinational business must keep up with  changing and complex tax and regulatory laws around the world.


At Sharei Consulting, we help manage the tax and financial risks in business operations.  Our goal is turn-key planning to support a business as they:

  • Expand into new locations and set-up operations
  • Manage cash-flow and tax savings from global activities
  • Comply with government and regulatory issues
  • Develop executive compensation plans
  • Attain business licenses, registrations, and compliance
  • Plan for mergers & acquisitions, and growth strategies
  • Support or defend positions against taxing authorities

​Managing growth

What should I focus on?

In today's economy it's hard to decide where to allocate your time.

Choosing a Business Consultant

​Do you know how to pick a business consultant that has your best interests in mind?

Creating and Managing Growth

​With the global economy comes risks and rewards.  We can help to improve your risk-reward strategy.